Secure, Scalable & Resilient

The Consectus Platforms utilise the latest technologies & frameworks so that they are resilient & scalable. Security of your customers data is our top priority & we have implemented multi-layer security across all Platforms.

Protecting Access

We understand that lost & stolen smartphones represent one of the greatest security risks. Our numerous and multi-layered security measures ensure that your customer's accounts are safe.

Secure Access

Mobile App utilises touch id/6 digit PIN. Online Platform utilises two factor authentication 

Data Protection

All data stored on devices is encrypted and anonymised

Remote Deactivation

An individual user account can be deactivated using the Customer Hub

Solution Architecture


Hybrid Mobile App

Our Apps are developed using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript and packaged as native App using Cordova. 
The hybrid App ensures that irrespective of mobile platform, the user experience is consistent.


Consectus API Gateway 

Our API Gateway is developed using Java Spring technology & hosted on the cloud in a clustered deployment architecture and is highly scalable.
Deployed on cloud and secured through VPN connection to your banking systems, our gateway is highly secure.


Customer Hub

Our Customer Hub is developed using responsive HTML5 & Javascript technology with user experience in mind. If you would like us to add more features, just ask ...

Mobile App Security

Security such as Touch ID and 6 digit passwords are standard on the App. Minimal information is stored in the App and it is secured using Keychain access utilising encryption.
Authentication is undertaken over the API layer through our gateway solution using HTTPS RESTful API calls.
Banks and Building Societies can easily deactivate individual apps from the Customer Hub.
Full security of user data and account access is ensured.