Robotic Process Automation

RPA is basically using a "Robot" that can undertake any task on a terminal that a person would normally be employed to do.  We have implemented RPA to automate tasks such as Account Opening and transfer requests.
We can take files of data and the RPA can key them directly into your core systems (for example Mortgage Applications).  This reduces operational risk and costs. Take a look at the video below to see the RPA in action with a Sopra Summit backend.

Easy to Implement

A new user for your operational system is created and we connect this to the RPA server.  We will then work with you to step through the screens in order to program the RPA tool to input the correct data in the relevant fields and pages.  This process usually takes several weeks rather than months.

What About Data Integrity?

Your Operational system sees the RPA tool as any user.  It does not know that a Robot is keying in the data.  There are therefore no integrity issues as the data is input in the standard way via a terminal.