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RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a form of Artificial intelligence where Robots or “bots” undertake repetitive business processes to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy.
The bot is not an actual robot in the physical sense, but AI software that is able to login to any system in the same way that a human does.  Consectus RPA is different to other AI systems which require you to learn a new “coding” language or complex ways to design and implement them. Instead, we use machine teaching to “train” the bot to respond as a human operator would.

Webchat with integrated AI Chatbot

Many businesses today use chatbots to provide an alternative channel of communication for customers. Mostly these are designed to provide simple answers to common questions and take load off the agents who operate on the phone. The quality is variable and it’s not uncommon for customers to fail in their efforts to get the information they need. In a regulated market such as Financial Services, the wrong answer can be very costly so we have created the AI chatbot in such a way that it can ONLY provide the correct answer. If the question is not understood, the bot will deflect the user to a human operator.

Mobile Banking App

Most banks today provide an App to allow customers to manage their finances remotely at their convenience. However, many of these apps are a small subset of what can be done online and so are of limited use. Indeed, only one of the major clearing banks allows you to open an account with their App. Consectus has taken a different approach. Our App is highly functional and uses APIs to readily integrate to other existing systems. This allows smaller companies like Building Societies, to add the convenience of a modern smartphone App without the high cost and extended timescales of building your own.

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Branch Tablet

Many building societies and small banks still like to offer that personal touch. But branches can get very busy and crowded making for a less than perfect experience and extended waiting times to see branch staff. The Consectus Branch Tablet frees staff to be able to walk around and engage customers directly, offering all the same services they would get from a fixed terminal, such as account opening, ID verification, transfers, statements and so on. The Branch Tablet can be used out of the branch as well which allows full transactions in remote locations such as shopping centres, libraries, supermarkets and so on.

Platform Integration

Most Financial Services organisations have a number of different technology platforms to run their business and serve their customers. Many of these systems are of varying vintages and capabilities and whilst most of them work acceptably well together, the rapid pace of change means that replacing or renewing some of them is inevitable. But a large-scale “rip and replace” is disruptive and expensive. A complete change is unlikely as no single provider can do it all. So, the best option is to ensure disparate systems interoperate. Consectus can help achieve this with minimal disruption and cost, yet maximum capability.

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Having the right technology is of course vital. But the knowledge and skills to implement it, as well as ensuring it works with everything else in the estate, are not always so readily available, particularly in smaller businesses. Consectus provides the services needed to support customers directly in upgrading their own systems combined with their in-house skills. By making the products easy to use and configure, often by non-IT staff, the customer can then tailor the implementation to suit their own needs, budgets and time frames.

Technical Support

What do you need from a technology partner after you have invested your time and money in their products? The right technical support, delivered as you need it in a way that ensures minimum disruption to business continuity. Rapid responses combined with deep technical knowhow and an intimate knowledge of the context for your business are all essential. Consectus recognises this and has multiple service offerings to ensue the ongoing smooth running of your systems and the consequent availability to your customers.

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