Monty is a combination of our RPA, AI chatbot and AI Telephony tools.  Monty has been developed as a tool that can help manage operations and customer contact for Financial Institutions. Monty can be modified for your organisation and can:
- Answer complicated questions via telephony or chatbot (main implementation is Mortgage Lending Criteria)
- Handle customer queries such as Redemption requests or account opening
- Key in batches of data such as online application forms with accuracy and speed (see demo video)
- Hand over queries to your staff seamlessly if it is unable to deal with them directly


Monty utilises AI Telephony (think Amazon Alexa) and/or chatbots to interface with your customers or staff.
Monty is then able to access or update data via APIs or if they are not available via RPA.
The AI repository enables Monty to utilse AI to answer questions on any topic that is installed. Lending Criteria has already been developed and Monty can answer questions such as "How do you assess income for applicants who are self employed and are on a variable income?"
Monty can be used for standard customer requests such as Mortgage Redemption figures, Balances and Bill Payments.