Customer Hub

Powerful Customer Interaction Management.  The Customer Hub is at the centre of all our channels.  It provides you with full control of all channel users and the ability to manage marketing campaigns and product initiatives.


Push Messaging

Channel targeted messages to your customer base and enable proactive customer engagement.


Product Promotions

Targetted promotions to customers with product interest feedback helping to improve product sales.



Powerful analytics engine with the ability to control & monitor usage and adoption rates.



Access to transaction & audit logs in order to manage customer service requests effectively.

Secure Access

We use OAUTH2 secure token based access control to authorise the user access. 
The Consectus Hub allows you to control your user access directly and maintains complete log of all the activities performed by the users for future reference & audit.


You can use the dashboard to manage customer queries ... 

All customer activities are logged in real-time. The portal allows your customer services team to easily track what happened during a transaction against a customer record.

Customer Hub Data Analytics

The Consectus Gateway collects and stores user behaviour. The Customer Hub then enables you to understand customer characteristics and patterns based on this data.

The analytics reports will help your business intelligence teams to target products & push messages to customers. You can also extract this data for use with Business Analytics tools.

App Installed

You can track how many customers have installed the App on their device.


Reports that inform you of when the users last used the App on their devices.

Product Interests

We track & report which users viewed what product and who might be interested.

Push Messages

We track & report which users saw your push messages.

Market Products

No more sending paper flyers or emails Use the Customer Hub to create your product details and target them to specified customers on their App and receive live feedback on who has ignored, viewed and clicked.

You can also allow users to call back, get called back, register interest or directly take customers to web pages through action buttons in messages.