Online & Mobile App - Lite

Based on feedback from Customers, we realised that there was a need for an easy to implement and easy to manage version of our Online and Mobile App Products.  We have therefore introduced the Lite version of our mobile and online solutions.  The Lite version enables you to be live in a matter of weeks with a product that enhances customer experience while reducing operational costs.   The functionality available is configurable but is setup to include:
- Previous day Balances and Transactions for Mortgages (Loans) and Savings
- Savings Goals
- Members and Products Areas so that you can market products and benefits to your customers
- Messaging so that you can message individual customers to specified groups of customers
- "Contact us" for customers - this has a dropdown subject defined easily by you in the hub with an associated email account where enquiries are sent.
- Branch Locator utilises GPS technology to map where your nearest branch is
The Lite version includes both the Mobile App and the online version. The functionality is exactly the same on both channels and you can choose to implement either one or both solutions.
The Customer Hub (included with the solution) enables the messaging to your customers, powerful marketing, operational support and MI.

Easy to Implement

The Lite Version is very easy to implement.
1. We create a Amazon Account (AWS) for you and install the required software on it.  You will manage and run the cloud service - this means that you will be fully compliant with GDPR.
2.  You define the functionality required and colours and logos for the App.  We then manage the whole process with the App stores and make them publically available when ready
3.  You create a file of transactions, balances etc every night to be loaded in your AWS  account - this task is automated.
4. We provide training on the Hub and ensure that you are ready to go live
5.  You launch the App for your customers!
6.  We provide full 3rd line support and 24x7 monitoring of the system.
If you can create the extract file from your core banking system then we should be able to get you live  on the App Stores within 4-6 weeks,


The Onboarding of your customers to the App is a key process.  We have developed a solution that is easy and secure and follows the following process:
1.  Your Customers download the App from the App store or register online
2. They confirm their mobile number (or email for online) and enter their details and the app is set as pending
3.  We highlight the application to you and you authorise through the hub either via an SMS or a letter with a security code
4.  Once the code is entered the customer is setup and the app is ready to use 

Technical Overview

We implement the technology for you - you only need to create a transaction extract file

The Lite version utilises the same technology as our full solution and therefore has the same high level of resilience and security.
The core of the system runs in the cloud and provides the interface to the online & mobile apps and a portal for your staff (Customer Hub).  We do not have access to your implementationn except when required and authorised by you for maintenance and support purposes.