Artificial Intelligence is here 

AI Telephony is the use of Artificial Intelligence Agents to manage calls with your customers (Think Amazon Alexa). No need for hated IVR for your customers as the AI Agent can discuss your customer’s needs with them. No more queues or waiting for an agent as the system automatically scales to the number of customers calling
And it’s Cloud based so no expensive hardware to buy or concerns about scalability or resilience.  It's also available 24x7x365 and your customers will never have to queue.

Is it Accepted?

Research has demonstrated that most people are happy to talk to an AI agent if they are informed that they are talking to a robot at the outset of the call. Voice enabled service is becoming the norm with tools such as Siri and Google Home and Amazon Echo increasing in popularity.

What about Customer ID & Verification?

The AI agent can detect who is calling and we have devised easy ways for customers to verified (including Voice ID). Contact us for more information on this.
Once the Customer has been verified, the AI Agent has access to their account details and records and is therefore able to interact intelligently with your customer. For example, they know how many and what type of accounts your customer has so if they ask for a balance the Agent will ask them to clarify which account or all accounts. All calls can be recorded. 
Give it a try.  Call the number below for a demo of balance requests/bill payment.

Check out Connect

Although this video example isn't from Financial Services, it will give you a flavour of what we can do.