Digital Strategy

In this pioneering age of digital disruption even the most incisive and astute leaders can become disorientated as change builds on change leaving almost nothing to be certain.
To stand still is to fail. Organisations must remaster themselves, their products and their people in order to succeed.
A Digital Strategy will redefine some of your core competencies and what you are in business to achieve.
Consectus offers a cost effective way to develop your digital strategy with you.  

Delivery Process

No engagement is the same but we follow a proven process to deliver a strategy that fits your business goals and capabilities.
Ian Head, one of our associates, usually leads the Strategy Work.


Ian is an ex Gartner Research Analyst and Consultant with extensive experience of working with companies to leverage their Digital Capability 


Ian is a regular speaker at International Conferences and has published multiple research papers and documents. 


13 years in total with Gartner
12 years in Banking, Finance and Insurance
10 years in Technology & Telecommunications industry
11 years in Government Sector
7 years in Energy & Utilities Industry