Artificial Intelligence

Lending Criteria

Lending Criteria can be complex.  And Brokers can take up a lot of your Business Development Manager's time asking questions.  Brokers can also get frustrated by how long it can take to get an answer and take their business elsewhere.  We have developed an AI tool that enables brokers to type their question into a chatbot and get an immediate answer.  The system is quick and easy to setup and ensures that brokers get the right answer at the right time.  One client has reported a 70-80% reduction in calls from brokers when trialling the bot.  And you can ask quite complex questions such as "Will you lend to 21 year old professional cyclist who wants to buy a thatched cottage?"

The system includes the ability to open a webchat with one of your staff if the bot can't help.  We can also link the tool to our other systems utilising our other products in order to answer questions on things like redemption figures and calculating affordability.  You can have a go on the chat icon below - this is how it could look on your website.  And it's also available via other channels such as AI Telephony and Amazon Echo.

Have a go now and see how it could work for you. Please click on the chat icon at the right hand bottom of your screen.

See a Chatbot answering your Lending Criteria

If you would like to see how our AI Chatbot would answer your lending criteria, please get in touch with us: