Savings & Mortgage/Loans App

We provide a highly secure, fully functioning savings/mortgage/loans mobile app and online platform for small banks, credit unions & building societies.
The App enables your customers to connect their current accounts to their savings accounts. They can transfer funds between accounts and review their transaction history. The App also allows them to set Savings Goals  and provides a graphical analysis of their savings activity.
We are also developing an Open Banking interface to enable your customers to initiate payments directly and to enable new functions such as Smart Saver and Saver Sweeper.
The App includes the ability to review mortgage transactions & balances and allows mortgage payments from their savings accounts. (or Loans if applicable)
There is an online version of the App. The functionality is exactly the same on both channels and you can choose to implement either one or both solutions.
The Customer Hub (included with the solution) enables messaging to your customers, powerful marketing, operational support and MI.

How do we interface with your existing systems?

We understand that interfacing with your exisiting systems can be more than a challenge. It's either a technical nightmare or if there are APIs they are cost prohibitive. We therefore have 3 ways of getting you up and running: 

The simplest and easiest way to intreface with your core banking system. However, this may not be an option due to your system being 'closed' or the cost of the use of APIs being prohibitively expensive


Robotic process automation (RPA), automates your routine tasks quickly and cost effectively utilising Artificial Intelligence. We use a "robot" to operate one of your terminals based on requests via the app. The robot simulates a person keying in requests to your system.


The easiest solution is to send files between our systems. Not the most elegant or synchronised solution but it is the easiest to implement and can be highly cost effective.

File Transfer

Savings Goal

The Savings Goal feature has been designed to encourage customers to save more. 

Customers can set a savings target and include a photograph of what they are saving for if they like. The App then gives a graphical representation of how much of the target they have achieved.

The Savings Analysis feature also calculates and proactively informs the user about the amount of time they need to keep saving at their current rate in order to achieve their Savings Goal.  


Savings Analysis

This feature provides a graphical representation of the last 6 months of savings activity (transactions in and out)

It also combines with Savings Goal to inform the user on how their savings activity is enabling their goal in terms of time to reach it.

The Savings Goal and Savings Analysis combine to encourage your customers to save more



Sweeper is a great way to get your customers to maximise their savings. They are able to set a reserve amount for their current account. We then check their current accout balance every day.
If their current account balance exceeds the Reserve, then we utilise Open Banking to withdraw the difference and deposit it into their savings account. (we take into account any Direct Debits or Standing Orders due to be paid that day so that the reserve amount is maintained)
If the balance in their current account is below the Reserve, then we transfer funds from their Savings Account into their Current Account.  


Smart Saver

Smart Saver is a great way to get your customers to save the pennies in their change:
1. We check their current accounts and/or credit card transactions each day (utilising Open Banking)
2. We then round up all the purchase transactions that they make to the nearest pound.
3. We add all these pennies together and every day or month (set by the customer), credit their savings account with you with the total amount.
4. In that way your customer is saving the “loose change” received in every purchase they make.

Your Customer is in complete control; they can set the maximum rounding amount and/or the maximum to save each month.
(The money can also be donated to the customer’s favourite charity if preferred)


SME Savings

We have developed a feature that allows Small and Medium Enterprises to save and transfer funds while giving them complete control.
For an SME, multiple users can access the same account for the company.  Rules are set by the user that define the authority of each user in terms of aspects such as transfer limits.  The rules include the ability to incorporate "two to sign" as weuse the Apps messaging to enable transactions where the SME requires a higher level of control.


Children's Saver

Coming soon. The ability for a parent to manage their child's account via the App. Both the parent/guardian and the child download the app onto their phone. The child can see their account and the App includes features such as Savings Goals to encourage them to save. The parent is able to connect their current account to the savings account and transfer funds as required. A great way to encourage children to save.