Business Partners

Consectus aims to provide a wide range of capabilities to its customers. These include in-house developed products, third party products that complement our offerings and add value to our customers or integrations to existing systems in common use across the sector.

We operate on a flexible commercial basis so that if preferred, the customer can acquire Consectus products through an existing provider. All our in-house developed products are supported fully by Consectus.

Our current third-party collaborations are with:


Mortgage Origination system. We can connect their system to any core banking product utilising our RPA tool.

Mutual Vision

A banking platform for loans and savings. We have partnered with MV to provide a mobile app front end for their ProVision system and to provide RPA/Webchat for their clients.


Digital Contract Management with a wide range of interconnected offerings from simple document signature to full lifecycle management of all contracts. Initially for mortgage contract on-boarding.


An operational platform and software provider for financial services companies. We integrate seamlessly to their back-end systems.


An alternative provider of Open Banking solutions with a different pricing model to MoneyHub.


MoneyHub are leaders in Open Banking connectivity and we partner with them to provide Open Banking Connectivity to our digital platform.


Cash access and payment management for consumers and businesses via 30,000 convenience store outlets across the UK.


A management consultancy helping financial services organisations to create and enhance digital solutions. Woodhurst can provide strategic and implementation support for our customers.


Identity verification when an initial verification with providers such as Experian isn’t sufficient. AI powered Passport and Driving Licence verification.

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