AI Chatbot

The AI chatbot can talk to your customers and undertake tasks such as opening an account or giving out Redemption figures.
It can also be used to answer complex questions on topics such as Lending Criteria.  The chatbot is available with different modules and we can develop specific AI for your area if required.  The system can also be used as Webchat as the Chatbot can hand over to one of your staff if it can't handle an enquiry.
The AI bot can also be incorporated into our AI telephony solution so that customers and brokers can call a dedicated number to get answers to their questions by speaking to an Amazon Alexa style agent.

Mortage Lending Criteria AI

We have developed a module that is able to answer any questions on your Lending Criteria. You probably receive a lot of calls from Brokers asking about your criteria. Although these calls are important, they are time consuming and inefficient. The bot can answer these questions for you.  And gives specific answers to specific questions. 
This bot is available now and can be implemented in your organisation in a couple of months.  

House Buildings Insurance

This has been developed to show how easy it is to create new Knowledge for our AI Bot.  This is a proptotype that was built in about 5 days.  Take a look and use your imagination to see how your business could be using our bots from giving branch opening times to what the latest products are.