Building Societies

The unique mutual ownership style has provided their customers with quality service and reliable products to enable the high degree of home ownership we enjoy today. And whilst that traditional, personal approach is still valuable, the arrival of many other players offering both mortgages and savings means that the Building Societies cannot afford to ignore the march of technology that has enabled those new entrants to compete.

Technology to expand

Even for a smaller Building Society technology will be at the very core of your systems across the business. It is hard to imagine an area of operations where extensive IT capability is not required in today’s fast paced, challenging and competitive markets. Yet the cost of such capability can be daunting without deep pockets to make and sustain those investments. Our approach enables the modernisation needed to retain and attract new customers to be rolled out incrementally with the investment, adding to capability and not simply replacing it.

Everything is connected

By offering a range of interconnected, highly functional products designed specifically to the requirements of Building Societies, we can provide better quality, high-end capability and low cost, whilst allowing each Building Society to progress at a pace it can absorb and afford. We recognise that the “rip and replace” approach taken by some of the very large banks is not suitable and so we have created integrations to most of the common back-end systems that support Building Society needs now.

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