Transform your business with our
RPA, AI Chatbot and Banking App

Real digital transformation with minimal system changes

New Customers

Reach new savers and borrowers quickly with technology they can use with ease

Transform at your pace

Save cost and time using proven integrations to existing systems

Scale Up

Grow your market share with new customer friendly products and services

Consectus is digital from the ground up

Each of our products is designed for easy interoperation with existing and new systems. They are all highly configurable to your needs and can be operational in weeks

Why we are different

  • Technology and operational expertise
  • Flexible, configurable, easy to use
  • Priced to suit smaller companies
  • Continuous upgrade path

Chosen by Innovators

We worked closely with Consectus to launch our first Mobile App. Using APIs the Mobile App is fully integrated into Sopra Summit banking software.

Colin McDougall
The Tipton and Coseley Building Society took one of the most innovative steps by launching a new savings distribution channel on their mobile app.

Mark Schofield
The solution we’ve created in partnership with Consectus is easily transferable to other lenders and other core banking systems. We’re proud to have helped bring a truly innovative solution to market
Andrew Simon
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